NBTHK 60th Anniversary and Tatara 30th Anniversary


43rd NBTHK Annual meeting



Date: November 8 (Saturday) and 9 (Sunday)

Meeting place: Keio Plaza Hotel

                               2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan, Tel:3-3344-0111

Meeting fee: 29000 yen (includes appraisal and party fee, but not any lodging fees)

                     Second person attendance fee: 19000 yen (excludes gift items)

Gift Items: furoshiki for wrapping swords and exhibition list


Announcements will be made about how to register for the meeting in next month’s issue.

For questions and information: contact the NBTHK general office, Tel: 03-3379-1386


Meeting schedule:


November 8 (Saturday)

Registration: South side 4th floor lobby 12 pm-4 pm

12 pm-4 pm: Swords appraisals,

Gendai Sakka (Contemporary artist) exhibition:                     

NBTHK Special Exhibit: Each person can submit one vote for the answer in this exhibit

4 pm-5 pm: Commemoration Meeting

5 pm-8 pm: Party


November 9 (Sunday):

The Sword appraisal and Contemporary artist exhibition

9 am-2 pm: NBTHK special exhibitions

10 am-12 pm: Branch manager meeting


During the meeting, there will be special shuttle buses running between the Keio Plaza Hotel and the NBTHK.

If you mention that you are attending the NBTHK meeting, the Keiko Plaza Hotel offers a special rate. Please make your own individual reservations.

Hotel reservations: Keio Plaza Hotel. Tel: 03-5322-8000.